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"Let's Make It Happen!"


OUR MOVEMENT what we believe in

Housing Crisis

No one should struggle with rent

Housing is the most important expense for most Raleighites. Since the average price of housing has increased over 150% in the past 10 years and wages have not, something has to be done to mitigate the damage. And it needs to be done NOW. Raleigh has grown, for better or worse, this is just a fact. We have to build apartments, townhomes, and houses  and we have to build a lot of them. My team and I are developing our own take on the modern hamlet that could change our community and possibly the whole state. We will update on the website with our plans. We are also committed to restructure zoning laws in the city to encourage more development from contractors.

This challenge extends beyond Raleigh — it's a concern at the county, state, and federal levels. I am dedicated to collaborating with individuals and organizations, regardless of their jurisdiction, who bring forward viable solutions. By fostering a cooperative approach across all levels of government, we can collectively address and tackle this issue for the benefit of our community and beyond.
Mental Health Crisis


This is a human and public safety issue

Prioritizing the mental health and well-being of our residents is not just a social responsibility but a crucial step toward building a safer and more prosperous community. As part of my commitment to the people of Raleigh, I will allocate city funds strategically to bolster mental health support. By directing resources towards assisting those experiencing homelessness, particularly addressing addiction-related challenges, we can make our streets safer and create an environment where all residents can prosper. One significant initiative in this regard is the establishment of a new mental hospital, a critical addition that will significantly amplify resources for those struggling with mental illness, addiction, and homelessness.

This new mental hospital is a proactive measure aimed at addressing the root, providing a dedicated space for comprehensive care and rehabilitation. By expanding treatment options and offering tailored support, we can effectively uplift and empower individuals facing these complex issues, contributing to their overall well-being and reintegration into society.

To maximize our impact, I am committed to fostering increased collaboration with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) across the city. By working hand-in-hand with these organizations, we can tap into their expertise, resources, and community connections. This collaborative effort will enable us to address mental health challenges comprehensively, identifying and implementing innovative solutions that consider the unique needs of our community.

Additionally, I plan to enhance our police department's capabilities in handling mental health emergency calls by introducing additional tools and resources, such as expanding the ACORNS Unit. By combining these initiatives we aim not only to provide vital support to those in need but also to build a stronger, healthier, and more compassionate Raleigh. This comprehensive approach reflects my unwavering commitment to creating a community where all residents can thrive and contribute to the collective well-being of our city.

Build and repair quickly
Given the geographical layout and zoning of our splendid city, the majority of residents rely on vehicles for transportation. We've likely all experienced the "pleasure" of traffic jams caused by road work. It's the city's responsibility to ensure the safe, efficient, and durable construction of all roads, especially with the increasing number of drivers entering our city. Collaborating with the Raleigh Department of Transportation, NCDOT, and the Federal Government, I am committed to securing funding to enhance traffic efficiency. My dedication extends beyond traffic; I will streamline all building projects to minimize disruptions, ensuring they are completed swiftly and adhering to the agreed-upon timeline, ultimately improving each resident's quality of life.


Let's get you there fast and fine

While many Raleigh residents use their own vehicles, there's a significant portion relying on the GoRaleigh transit system, which certainly has room for improvement. First and foremost, the safety of our riders is paramount. It is imperative that every individual feels secure when using our bus services, and I am fully committed to implementing robust policies to guarantee this sense of safety. This includes a comprehensive approach to ensure the well-being of passengers during their transit experience, encompassing measures such as enhanced security protocols, rigorous maintenance checks, and clear communication of safety guidelines.

To enhance the system I plan on prioritizing recruitment for a fully staffed and efficient bus service. Once achieved, my plan includes expanding the transit network to ensure accessibility across our city, promoting increased ridership. This involves establishing satellite bus hubs strategically along the beltline, connecting multiple routes for quicker travel times throughout Raleigh. I'm committed to collaborating with the skilled teams at GoRaleigh and GoTriangle to turn this vision into a reality.


If you work for the city, you should be here

In recognizing the greatness of our city, it's essential to acknowledge the dedicated individuals who contribute to its excellence — our city servants. Given the diverse needs our city addresses, a multitude of workers ensure its efficiency, safety, and productivity. These individuals not only serve the city but also lay the foundations that make it truly exceptional. To honor their service, I propose allocating funds towards a city servant housing credit, providing many workers with a stipend to reside within the city's municipality. It is my belief that those who serve the city should have the opportunity to call it home, fostering a stronger and more connected community.


Let's spend money on what we need

It's imperative that our government follows the same financial principles as Raleighite households, where spending should align with income. To achieve this fiscal responsibility, I aim to reduce expenditures on unnecessary projects and leverage AI to streamline government systems, ensuring efficient delivery of essential services to our residents while maintaining a balanced budget. By redirecting potential savings, we can allocate funds to vital underserved projects, prioritizing the overall quality of life for our residents.


Healthy food, healthy minds, healthy future

Fostering a healthy future begins with prioritizing our schools, especially given their compulsory nature. Taking on the responsibility of providing fresh and nutritious meals for our children is crucial for their overall well-being and educational success. I intend to forge partnerships with local farms, fostering community connections, and promote the establishment of on-site farms at schools. This initiative not only ensures a sustainable source of healthy food but also serves as an educational tool, teaching students about a sustainable lifestyle and instilling respect for the hardworking farms that contribute to nourishing our society.


Bring back job skills to school

Recognizing that education profoundly shapes an adolescent's life, it is imperative to instill a comprehensive set of skills during their formative years. Alongside traditional academics, incorporating the basics of blue-collar work such as mechanics, construction, cooking, and other practical skills is essential. This well-rounded educational approach empowers adolescents with a diverse skill set, preparing them to navigate the complexities of the real world. By combining theoretical knowledge with hands-on skills, we ensure that students not only excel academically but also develop practical competencies relevant to various professions. This holistic education cultivates a generation capable of contributing meaningfully to society and achieving success in their chosen paths.


I believe in the power of genuine connection and understanding the concerns that matter most to you. That's why I am committed to bringing politics back to the basics by knocking on doors throughout Raleigh. Let's engage in meaningful conversations, ensuring your voice is heard and your concerns are at the forefront of our collective journey. Together, we can build a stronger community that reflects the values and aspirations of each resident. Your input is not just valuable; it's essential in my duty as a public servant but shaping a better future for us all.

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